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Book Series

Misfits of the Fae Realm

Misfit Princess (Book One)
Misfit Betrayal (Book Two)
Title to be Determined (Book Three)
Title to be Determined (Book Four)


Misfit Princess


Freedom. My newest treasure, earned through escaping my abusive boyfriend thanks to the help of my best friend. I’m a survivor, but it comes with a price. I constantly feel like someone’s watching me, and between this paranoia and the panic attacks, my new life has not been easy. It’s a constant battle to hold onto my fragile new self-control.

Enter three vastly different, equally stubborn men to complicate my life, each one evoking feelings I thought I’d know. Who are they and why am I drawn to them? I want to move on from my past, but I’m scared to let them in.

If I could just find the time to sit down and figure it out, perhaps I could solve this riddle, but an old threat has found me, and my time is running out...who do I turn to for protection?

Misfit Betrayal


One horrific night that threatened my mortality is all it took for the secrets to come pouring out.
Secrets of new realms, magical people, and a heavy dose of betrayal.

However, I don’t get a chance to sit and let it sink in. My abusive ex boyfriend that left me for dead is not pleased with learning I’ve survived, and he’s coming after me to finish the job.

With the help of my soulmates, my best friend Val, and a new addition to our group, we flee from my safe haven. My home. Which has become infiltrated and no longer able to protect me.

Traveling to a new realm I am unable to explore the lands as I truly desire, all because of my emotional yo-yoing soulmate who is hell bent on rejecting our bond. Not only that, but I also have to learn how to navigate my newfound powers.  

Surviving is all I seem to do in my life, but not anymore. I’m ready to take the world head on, and come out on top. It’s time for me to become the badass I was always meant to be.

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